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What is Vehicle Check?

  • The Police and DVSA have the power to stop a vehicle and perform a vehicle check. If they find a fault they can enforce a prohibition
  • This prohibition can stop you continuing your journey until the fault has been put right. This can lead to costly delays for a business
  • The Police and DVSA have the power to stop a vehicle and perform a vehicle check. If they find a fault they can enforce a prohibition
  • Hefty fines for a driver. This app is based on questions written on the DVSA website. As a driver you take responsibility for the vehicle
  • This app will help your company to help its drivers get it right, and keep your wheels turning

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    What our customers are saying

    Our customers love this app.
    The future of the transport industry has arrived.

    Vehicle check is great, its the future of the transport industry. I can now store driver records in the cloud which means our storage room is becoming clutter free.

    Mark Thompson

    Transport Manager

    The app is just what we needed for the job, remembering to buy defect books was a chaw. Now all data is stored in the cloud.

    Benjamin Reily

    Transport admin

    This way of doing vehicle checks takes the effort out of doing the check.

    Ralph Finns

    HGV Driver