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    What happens if I get a defect in the middle of the day?
    How can I access data from completed vehicle checks?
    Can my workshop see defected vehicles?
    How long are images stored for?
    Does this app cost money?
    Who is this app aimed at?
    Is this cost effective?
    Location sharing?


What happens if I get a defect in the middle of the day?
  • This software wil not let you pull a record you have submited and ammend it. Though some may think that would
    be a good idea, this software wont be going down that path. The reason you are made to submit another check is
    that all reports are time stamped. We can't have multiple times for the
    same report as it could possibly cause confusion.

    What I have done is create an update button which will allow a driver to simply select the registration, enter mileage and write a message. IE mirror is cracked, or what ever the problem may be. This will save the driver time filling out another check which is time consuming. The transport clerk, admin will then be able to view any messages sent in the back office software I created.

    The driver can still fill out another full check if they choose to. That's between the driver and the company as to which way they wish to go forward.

How can I access data from the completed vehicle checks?

When a company registers with me they will be given some management
software access. This software will let you login and view all reports and much more.

This software is capable of accessing the reports drivers submit. These reports can then be downloaded in to
Microsoft Excel or PDF. If you prefer just send directly to the printer. This software will allow a transport supervisor, manager to create accounts for the drivers so they may login to the app. The Admin of the software has full access. They can also create an account for the workshop technician if you have one.




Can my workshop see the defect reports?

The Admin of the software will be able to create a seperate login for the workshop technician. This will enable the workshop technician to see any message the driver has written regading defects. They will aslo be able to look at the whole report. This software alows the workshop technican to respond to a defect message by writting a response. The garage workshop technician will have access to a drivers phone number if the Administrator has uploaded this information.



How long are images stored for?

I will store all images for 6 months, after that they will be deleted. You can download the images when you want. The built in management software will give you the chance to save them. You can then store them on your own server, work space.

Does this app cost money?

Yes, the cost to your company will vary depending on the needs of your business. This app can support many drivers and vehicles. Please contact me using the contact page telling me your requirements. I will need a company name, email address, phone number. Just let me know how many vehicles you want to trial the software on. I will then get back to you within 24 hours.


Who is this app aimed at?

This app is aimed at companys that want to reduce the amount of storage they require for paper. Doing vehicle defect reports and storing data in the cloud is a great way to acheive this.


This app is aimed at companys that want to go digital and store their data in the cloud. Imagine logging in from any device that has access to a web browser and viewing reports. You can print your reports off, save them to pdf or excel.


This app is aimed at those companys that believe recycling is the future.

This app is aimed at those that want to try something different.

This app isboutgiving people choice.


Is this cost effective?

This software takes the headache away from paper. Have you purchased enough books? A lot of companies like to buy defect books that do triplicate. When I was reseaching prices of defect books I based the price on them being in triplicate. Then ask yourself what happens if you have a fleet that runs round the clock. Your going to use 2 defect sheets a day, with this app perform as many checks a day as you want. Paper is a resource of the past as far as fleet vehicle checks go. You should also remember there is another major benefit to using this software. That is the environment, even though some companies use paper that has been resourced from a managed forest. You can can rest knowing no trees will be cut down for you to manage your defects.



Location Sharing?

It is possible you dont want your driver to share the location they performed the vehicle check. If this is the case they can either turn off location sharing or simply perform the vehicle check while offline.


Will this software be updated?

This app will be updated, this is the start of a new venture. My intention is to make this app one of the best if not the
best on the market. So rest assured I am always planning the next version. When it arrives it will be magical. I have now implemented a way to set reminders for service dates. So Im very busy in making this application the best.


What happens if I dont pay

If you fail to pay on the agreed date you will loose access to the software. I will keep your records safe for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks if you have still not paid all records will be removed from the system permanently. Your account will be closed.



This software has many features, to give you an idea of some. Checks for 8 different vehicle types from Class 1- car,

Drivers daily vehicle walkaround checks are made easy with this software.

For those just doing a trailer swap there is an option for a trailer check only.

How many companys have cars in the fleet? you can now perform a check on those as well.

The software allows MOT dates and service dates to be stored in the back-office software.

Print driver reports in a friendly way.

Download to excel or PDF.

Give your garage ie mechanic access to a restricted version of the back-office software.

View pictures a driver has sent in the back-office software.

Admin can perform many tasks with this software. The admin can login via a web browser. This feature gives this software the edge as an admin can use any device to access reports, etc.


Why keep defect books?

This app is not telling people to get rid of defect books. On the contrary I think having an instant paper version of a defect log will have its own advantages. I also think it’s a good idea to keep one in the vehicle at all times. This software is about giving people a choice.


What is Vehicle Check?

The Police and DVSA have the power to stop a vehicle and perform a vehicle check. If they find a fault they can enforce a prohibition.

This prohibition can stop you continuing your journey until the fault has been put right. This can lead to costly delays for a business & hefty fines for a driver.

This app is based on questions written on the DVSA website. As a driver you take responsibility for the vehicle you drive.

This app will help your company to help it's drivers get it right, and keep your wheels turning.

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This software is the future of vehicle checks.

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This app is the future of vehicle checks.

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What our customers are saying

Our customers love this app.
The future of the transport industry has arrived.

Vehicle check is great, its the future of the transport industry. I can now store driver records in the cloud which means our storage room is becoming clutter free.

Mark Thompson

Transport Manager

The app is just what we needed for the job, remembering to buy defect books was a chaw. Now all data is stored in the cloud.

Benjamin Reily

Transport admin

This way of doing vehicle checks takes the effort out of doing the check.

Ralph Finns

HGV Driver